About Fall Protection & Strut Systems LLC

Supports You Can Trust With Yourself & Your State of the Art Equipment

Fall Protection & Strut Systems LLC was created to focus on customers with the need for high quality, installed Fall Protection Systems, Unistrut Medical Supports and Ceiling Grids.

FPSS combines the experience, engineering and support that discerning customers have come to demand. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of service and highest quality craftsmanship.

Our team of project managers and estimators have over fifty years of combined experience in construction and safety. They are ready to take your project from concept to completion, quickly and cost effectively.

What We Offer

  • Permanent Fall Protection Systems
  • Fall Arrest Systems
  • Fall Safety Assessment, Inspection & Re-certification
  • Fall Safety Training
  • Medical Equipment Support Systems
  • Ceiling Grid Support Systems
  • Laboratory Casework Pipe Chase Frames
  • Rooftop Walkways
  • Catwalks & Mezzanines
  • Strut Cutting, Assembly & Fabrication Services
  • & Much More

The Face of Fall Protection & Strut Systems LLC

Meet the Owners and Project Manages of Fall Protection & Strut Systems LLC

(From left to right) John Eberl, Joanna Eberl, Nora Eberl, Matt Plizga & Ben Schlum

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Fall Protection & Strut Systems LLC
an Eberl Company
128 Sycamore Street
Buffalo, NY 14204

Phone: (716)332-6983
Toll Free: (855) 202-7222
Fax: (716) 954-7163

Women Owned Business: Joanna Eberl & Nora Eberl

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